Other Helpful Resources

These 2 seminars, held in May/2008 are each 90 minutes in length and offer critical information about MBS/TMS, new research findings and answers to key questions.
  • The DOCC Project website developed by Dr. David Hanscom, a unique Spine surgeon. Introduction to doccproject.com website: DOCC stands for Defined Organized Comprehensive Care. Experiencing chronic pain is not only one of life's most miserable experiences, trying to find the solution is even more discouraging. The DOCC project is a framework that organizes the variables of chronic pain in a way that you can understand and take control of your care. The central nervous system is a significant component of chronic pain and mind body principles are effective in dealing with it. The website is an educational resource that will give you the tools to help take your life back.
*The personal stories are from actual course participants and are used with permission. The names and photos have been changed to protect confidentiality.