Personal Stories

Click on the picture to hear and read some of the stories of people who have taken this Mind Body Educational program. All of the stories are accurate and in the words of the individual, but confidentiality has been maintained. The audio segments have been recorded by actors.

Migraine headaches
in a 61-year old man.
Back pain in a 56-year old woman.
Anxiety in a 51-year old man.
Abdominal pain for 9 years.
Sacro-iliac pain in a teenager.
Fibromyalgia in a 42 year old woman.
Leg pain and migraine
headaches in a young woman.
Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
in a 46-year-old woman.
Widespread pain and other chronic
symptoms in a 58 year old woman.
Chronic hip pain in a 59 year old woman.
A 68-year-old lady with back pain.
All I did was walk on my tip toes!!
(A 16 year old with chronic ankle and wrist pain)
Back pain in a 36-year-old athletic male.
Back pain, TMJ syndrome and
fibromyalgia in a 75-year-old woman.
Chest pain and sinus
congestion in a 42 year old man.
Severe back pain (requiring
morphine) in a 47 year old woman.
Fibromyalgia and sciatica
in a 38 year old woman.
Anxiety and panic attacks
in a 49 year old woman.
Pain in the buttocks and leg
in a 42-year-old athletic woman.
Widespread pain in a 55 year old man.
Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue,and
foot pain in a 58 year old woman.
Interstitial cystitis and pelvic
pain in a 29-year-old woman.
Fibromyalgia in a 45-year-old woman.
Neck pain and abdominal
symptoms in a 42-year-old man.
Fibromyalgia and migraine
headaches in a 52-year-old woman.
Fear of public speaking
in a 51-year-old woman.
37-year-old woman with sciatica, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD, migraines, insomnia and neck/shoulder pain.
TMS almost ruined my life!

*The personal stories are from actual course participants and are used with permission. The names and photos have been changed to protect confidentiality.