I have suffered from pain since I was a teenager. I have been diagnosed with more disorders than I could name. But no one was ever sure what was really wrong. Dr. Schubiner’s course saved my life. Thank God I now realize that I have Mind Body Syndrome.

–Walter Lanier, Anderson, SC

Dr. Schubiner is not only a mind body specialist, but a respected physician whose genuine caring nature is evident the moment you meet him. The priceless tools he taught me have not only helped me deal with my pain, but also help me deal with everyday life stressors. Everyone can benefit from learning more about themselves and this program will do that for you.

–Patty Walls, Highland, MI

This program made a profound difference in my thinking and my life. These principles have changed my life and have helped me more than I can express.

–Toni Bourque, Dearborn, MI

Physical therapy, cortisone injections and chiropractic treatment didn’t help the intense pain in my back and down my leg. Over a year, I spent thousands of dollars without relief. Three weeks after I started Dr. Schubiner’s program, the pain was gone. I am still amazed that it worked and I cannot be more grateful.

--Gwen Clark, New Baltimore, MI

This program taught me that my life experiences had caused my pain. The exercises brought about incredible insights and the words flowed out of my head and onto the paper. As a result, I had the courage to revisit my childhood home where the abuse took place, and I was able to cry at the memory, release my fears and anger, and emerge victorious! A huge weight had been lifted and consequently my back pain was gone.

--Denise Marsh, Royal Oak, MI

Dr. Schubiner's work opened the doors of pain relief for me.

--Esther McCormick, Redford, MI

As a health care provider, I was skeptical when I heard about the Mind Body Syndrome. Thanks to Dr. Schubiner, I now understand the connection between my emotional state and my physical pain. His program gave me techniques that I have used to control my symptoms and reclaim my life. Thank you so much, Dr. Schubiner.

--Diane Olsem, RN, Brighton Township, MI

Dr. Schubiner's Mind Body Syndrome Program enabled me to free myself from fibromyalgia pain which was basically running my life for 13 years. I am finally on the road to recovery and feel so much more in control of my life and my health.

–Cindy Corey, Livonia, MI

At a time in my life when I was hopeless, Dr. Schubiner’s program guided me to an anchored state of serenity. Dr. Schubiner is compassionate, intelligent and humble. I encourage anyone who is suffering to seek his help and experience his empowering approach to healing.

–Steve Selover, Troy, MI

I used Dr. Schubiner’s course after everything else failed to stop chronic hamstring pain. His course told me exactly what to do and what not to do, on a daily basis. He gave me confidence, a full bag of tools and a detailed plan which represents a major breakthrough in defeating chronic pain. It took me about two months, but I am now able to walk, work out at the gym and I now don’t worry about my every move. It’s hard work, but it works and in the process I’ve learned to relax my tight grip on life.

--Steve Hansen, Easton, MD

Dr. Schubiner's Mind Body program gave me a better understanding of my pain and I became able to face it and neutralize it. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about resolving their pain.

--Halyna Meronek-Serdiuk, Denver, CO

Dr. Schubiner's Mind Body program taught me that I have control over my back pain. I quit worrying about all the "physical" problems that I had been told were wrong with my neck and back and started to concentrate on what was going on in my mind. When I realized how much pain had become my identity, I began to heal. Where I could only see a lifetime of pain, I have now regained a healthy and active life.

--Cathy Gibson, Northville, MI

After eight months of suffering with shoulder pain, Dr. Schubiner's program improved my mobility and eliminated the pain. The program is simple, practical, and effective. I would highly recommend this book as it will most likely change your life.

--Keasha LeClair, Pinckney, MI

Dr. Schubiner's program allowed me to look critically at what was fueling spikes of pain and a host of other ailments. The techniques he taught me are essential tools for dealing with the daily emotional buffeting we all experience.

–Peter Werbe, Ferndale, MI

Dr Schubiner is one of a growing number of doctors and health professionals who are treating chronic medical conditions in a radically new way -- and with stunning success. Drawing on a wealth of recent medical research, this book irrefutably demonstrates that the current medical consensus about most chronic painful conditions is totally out of date. It also details Dr Schubiner's cutting-edge treatment program, which has cured and helped large numbers of patients, including myself. It's not too much to say that the book in your hands has revolutionary potential: If enough doctors and patients embrace its findings, the pandemic of chronic pain and several other chronic health issues will literally disappear.

--Brad Rennie,Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I was a fibromyalgia sufferer for over 25 years and despite excellent medical care, my severe pain persisted. Dr. Schubiner’s program helped me uncover the root causes of my pain and gave me the tools to deal with it. Unlearn Your Pain is a truly astounding program. Within the first week, I could not believe how much the pain decreased and my energy levels increased. You need to be ready to do this work, but Dr. Schubiner’s compassionate guidance and knowledge were key components to my success. Several weeks later, I continue to be pain free because Unlearn Your Pain is now my recipe for living. This program is a truly remarkable, so keep your heart and your mind open as you embark on this incredible journey.

--Fran Baiamonte, Burlington, CT

I was diagnosed with two herniated discs and a pinched nerve as a result of my auto accident. I tried every medical treatment from physical therapy to injections to heavy narcotics. The cycle of pain and suffering continued for three and a half years. It wasn't until I took Dr. Schubiner's Mind Body program that my pain subsided. Because of his program, I went from spending my time in bed to returning to the true athlete that I really am.

--Marnina Sullivan, Detroit, MI

Dr Schubiner, you were there in my life when I needed you the most. You changed the way I see my body from being weak, abnormal, and unhealthy to being strong, normal, and incredible. You gave me my life back and while I sometimes have some symptoms of Mind Body Syndrome, I don't panic anymore and the symptoms pass. After so many years of pain, I can finally look forward to a healthy future.

–Magali LaRoche, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

After suffering with severe hand pain for more than three years and not getting any relief from the more than eight doctors plus several alternative healers, I had begun to lose hope or ever recovering. Dr. Schubiner's program explained my pain in a way that made perfect sense and after completing the program, I can honestly say that my pain is virtually gone. In addition, I now understand myself much better, and this had made me a better person.

--Edward Samuels, Chicago, IL

At a time when I thought I was out of options to deal with severe bladder and pelvic pain, Dr. Schubiner's program gave me the tools to take control of my life and manage my symptoms. All other traditional treatments had failed. I am forever grateful and I continue to employ these techniques to many aspects of my life.

--Erica El-Alayli, Brighton, MI

After 7 years of severe back pain which no doctor, drugs, physiotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist or massage therapist could fix, this program gave me relief within a couple of months. The techniques are easy to use, have given me great insight and best of all, relieved my pain. I recommend it highly - it changed my life!

--Lisa Manchester, London, UK

"Strange as it may sound, I am thankful for my experience with Mind Body Syndrome. Without the incentive from that wretched pain, I never would have looked inside myself for the answers. In doing so, I was forced to confront old demons and begin the path towards healing, both inside and out."

--Britt Leslie, Monroe, MI

Since completing the Mind Body Syndrome program for pelvic floor dysfunction, I not only graduated from Nurse Practitioner school, but I was finally able to have a baby....twins actually. In fact, I was holding my son this morning thinking about how I never would have been pain free without this program and I never would have had the opportunity to have him. I am so thankful for this program...it has brought the three best gifts I could ask for... being pain-free, a son, and a daughter. I don’t worry about the pain returning since I now know the REAL reason behind my pain...it is so great to be free of the burden! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

--Jennifer Marwell, Columbus, OH
*The personal stories are from actual course participants and are used with permission. The names and photos have been changed to protect confidentiality.