Migraine headaches in a 61-year old man

I began in the early 1990’s getting various pains when I was in my mid to late 40’s. They were foot pain (diagnosed as arthritis), shoulder and elbow pain, hip pain (diagnosed as trochanteric bursitis), much back pain, and especially severe sciatica. I tried everything for over 3 years: physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, a podiatrist, and various M.D. consultations. I even had, in retrospect a needless operation on my foot to treat the “arthritis.” After about 3 ½ years and failing to find any relief I went to the Mayo Clinic. Their verdict: I had fibromyalgia, for which there was no cure, only possible management techniques.

Frankly, I was by that time almost to the point of despair. But fortunately, I then heard of Dr. John Sarno’s book, Healing Back Pain. Thinking I had nothing to lose I rushed out immediately, bought a copy, and began reading it in my car in the parking lot of Barnes and Noble bookstore.

It was astonishing. I had never heard of TMS or this approach, but I saw myself on almost each page I read. Within a day or two I had read the book, and felt at least 30% better, just by reading! I knew I was on to something.

Over the next year and a half I slowly but steadily saw a reduction in all my pains. The problem was, I was still afraid to do too much. But, per Dr. Sarno (I also went to NYC to consult with him and attend his lectures) I had to become more physically active to conquer the fear. This I did as I began jogging at age 49, and now at age 60 have jogged ever since, an average of 4-5 times a week, 3 miles per workout. It was amazing. The more active physically I became, the more my various pains receded. They are now all conquered, and have been for years.

But that left only one problem that I hadn’t addressed: migraine headaches, which I have had all my life, which my late mother had as well.

The last few years they seemed to be getting more frequent, and I therefore thought of Dr. Sarno, and remembered that there were many equivalents of TMS—including migraine. I almost kicked myself for not realizing this and addressing migraine also in the mid 1990’s, when I conquered my other pains.

I then contacted, in late 2006, Dr. Sarno’s office in NYC, and was referred to Dr. Howard Schubiner in Southfield, Michigan, which is near my home in Bloomfield Hills. (There was no need now to travel to NYC as I did in the 1990’s.)

After consulting Dr. Schubiner and attending his 3 week course in January (2007), I not only am keeping migraine largely at bay, but Dr. Schubiner’s course has also given me psychological tools and insights to be more relaxed and stress-free in general. And this change has occurred remarkably quickly during only this 3-4 week interval. Dr. Schubiner’s course was like a “booster-shot” for me of Dr. Sarno’s book and lectures.

What wonderful results I’ve had. If only mainstream medicine and the general public were not so resistant to the concept of TMS, and the connection between mind and body.

Thank you Dr. Schubiner, Alex L. Age 61