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Recent report on our work, quoting Mark Lumley, on NPRs Morning Edition. Listen or read the transcript of this report regarding the use of Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy for chronic pain.  Click here.

IN OTHER NEWS: Unlearn Your Pain has been translated into Spanish, and can be purchased as an ebook. It is available on the Unlearn Your Pain Book page.

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Please note: I see people from anywhere in the world via Telehealth for two visits: an initial two hour appointment and a one hour follow up appointment. Unfortunately, this practice does not accept payments through medical insurance companies. Follow up is then done with specific mind-body therapists. For more information, visit https://cormendihealth.com for treatment of mind body conditions.


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Transforming Pain Management: Pain Reprocessing Therapy with
Howard Schubiner
Pain Whispers Lies?
Unlearn Them! :
Carina Ghionzoli and
Dr. Howard Schubiner M.D
The Root Cause of Pelvic
and Urinary Issues
w/Dr. Howard Schubiner
Stay Young Forever: A Root Cause Of Chronic Pain & How To Heal For Longevity |
Dr. Howard Schubiner
Listen now - Conversations on Healing Podcast
Listen now - Conversations on Healing Podcast


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Mind Body Connection

Animated Video Series

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Mind Body Connection

Animated Video Series

With Spanish Sub titles

“The Reign of Pain”

Dr. Schubiner’s 22-minute overview describing a new paradigm on pain

Breakthrough with healing chronic pain

Talks at Google with Dr. Howard Schubiner

What People are Saying

Lindsey P.

Mind Body Program Participant

I am a 23 year old woman who has had migraine headaches about 3 times a week for about 6 years. For the past year, I started having pains in my lower legs. The pain got so bad that I could not sleep at night. Some nights I didn’t want to go to sleep because my legs hurt so bad. I saw all sorts of doctors from neurologists to sleep doctors. And I was put on many medications to stop the pain and to help me sleep better. No one could figure out the cause, but my leg pain just kept getting worse. I was referred to Dr. Schubiner and enrolled in the Mind Body Medicine Program. After the 3 week program, my migraines stopped and so did my leg pain!! I was not sure if the program was going to work for me, but I did my writing exercises and my meditations and all of a sudden, I realized the headaches had stopped. And even better, each day my legs hurt less and less until that pain was gone. I am so happy now! Thank you so much.

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