Articles by Dr. Howard Schubiner

Dr. Howard Schubiner

Explore the Science behind Pain and the Mind Body Connection

 Schubiner H. A commentary on: Effect of Pain Reprocessing Therapy vs Placebo and Usual Care for Patients With Chronic Back Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial.   PracticeUpdate website.

 An article by Ron Siegel, Dick Schwartz and Howard Schubiner on Internal Family Systems and pain, Psychotherapy Networker.

 Article by Dr. Schubiner written for the magazine, Psychotherapy Networker.

 Mark Lumley and I published a large RCT on fibromyalgia in the journal, PAIN.

 Published Article in, Practical Pain Management.
 Recent article published with Mark Lumley in the journal, Psychosomatic Medicine:, Psychological therapy for centralized pain. Integrative assessment and treatment model.

  Emotional Awareness and Expression, as published in  Pain Medicine & Future Medicine