Mind Body Videos

Explore Pain and the Mind Body Connection

These short animated videos will give you a completely new way of understanding pain. Please take a look!

Mind Body Connection

Animated Video Series

(Set of 6 videos)

Mind Body Connection

Animated Video Series

With Spanish Sub titles

Chronic pain epidemic: expert Dr Howard Schubiner on healing Mind-Body Syndrome

Backwards Bicycle

View the backwards bicycle video by Smart Every Day
for a glimpse into how the brain can learn and unlearn skills with training

Rubber Arm Experiment

This video demonstrates the power of the brain to generate strong physical sensations in the complete absence of any actual input from the body. It also shows the power of the
brain to completely ignore actual physical sensations coming from the body. Must see!

A 3 Minute Pain Primer

An animated short produced by Alan Gordon that explains the role of the brain in pain

Neural circuit testing demonstrations


A Healthy Society Series: Unlearn Your Pain. Freeing Your Body From Chronic Pain.

“Your Brain is so Powerful. It can make you Pain-Free” with
Dr. Howard Schubiner

Explaining Chronic Pain

The role that stress plays and the creation of learned nerve pathways

How to combine emotional and cognitive work to help chronic pain patients?

Hope for Healing Session

via Curable with Dr. John Stracks & Dr. Howard Schubiner

Interview Dr Howard Schubiner

Episode #65 – Body And Mind LifeCoach


Lecture July 7, 2020

Recorded for the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco

Mind Body Connection

Animated Video Series  (With Spanish Sub titles)

with Healing Chronic Pain
Hope for Healing Chronic Pain: John Stracks, MD + Howard Schubiner, MD Answer Burning Questions