Mind Body Syndrome/Tension Myoneural Syndrome Lecture Series

By Howard Schubiner, MD

Part 1 – MBS/TMS Lecture Series

Part 3 – MBS/TMS Lecture Series

Part 2 – MBS/TMS Lecture Series

Part 4 – MBS/TMS Lecture Series

This lecture given by Dr. Schubiner is offered to the public for viewing to help understand how the mind and the body are intricately related. The more we understand about how pain (which of course is real) can be caused by stress and strong emotions (even at times when we are unaware of having such emotions, the better we will be able to understand ourselves and rid ourselves of chronic pain and other symptoms. The lecture is divided into four 15 minute segments. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) Hopefully, it will help you understand how the Mind Body Syndrome (or Tension Myoneural Syndrome) works and if it applies to your situation.

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