Anxiety in a 51-year old man

After years of intermittent anxiety, followed by depression, I knew I could no longer fool myself into thinking that my problem was caused just by a set of certain circumstances. I told myself that I only needed to get beyond the next problem and everything would be okay, only to be faced with a new set of problems that caused me to be anxious or depressed. After medication and therapy, I still did not have the tools to understand and deal with this reoccurring problem. I wasn’t sure that Dr. Schubiner could help when he invited me to his class. From what I understood, his approach dealt with physical symptoms, not mental or emotional ones.

Dr. Schubiner’s inspirational lecture and guidance helped tremendously. I started to calm down and understand for first time what was behind my problem. The writing exercises brought out profound information about myself that I was unaware of, even when the subject matter was very familiar. Dr. Schubiner is a true healer. If you are at all skeptical or afraid, that’s okay. That will change once you begin the classes and follow through. Take the classes and you will richly reward yourself.

Donald T. age 51