Widespread pain in a 58 year old woman

Before I was referred to Dr. Schubiner by my regular doctor, I was nearly incapacitated. I was “diagnosed” with interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, vulvar vestibulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, trochanteric bursitis, back problems, all of which caused PAIN—PAIN—PAIN. I was feeling that my life as an active, productive human being was over. The PAIN as well as the medications (Darvocet, Vicoden, etc.) made me so tired, I could hardly function. Truly I had “chronic fatigue” and I was somewhat depressed and homebound. I was afraid to go off the interstitial cystitis diet, afraid of re-injuring my back, afraid to be “too active,” afraid! I even had to have care from my long term home health care insurance for over two months.

After I met Dr. Schubiner and read Dr. Sarno’s book (The Mind Body Prescription), I began to have hope. After the physical exam when the diagnosis of Tension Myoneural Syndrome was confirmed, I was determined to help myself through the class. The seminars were very informative and interesting. I worked hard at doing the homework (the reading, the writing exercises and listening to the meditation CD). After the second week, I began to see improvement. I learned that there was no danger in trying new food, walking, shopping by myself, etc. I continued to attend my Recovery, Inc. weekly meetings and they also teach that there is no danger. Slowly, slowly, I began to regain mobility and “joi de vivre.” After a while, I even danced at a wedding, and have done so twice more. Hoorray!! Appreciating every improvement is part of the cure. I thank you for giving me a good part of my life back.

Andrea R.