See What People Are Saying About Mind Body Medicine

I have suffered from pain since I was a teenager. I have been diagnosed with more disorders than I could name. But no one was ever sure what was really wrong. Dr. Schubiner’s course saved my life. Thank God I now realize that I have Mind Body Syndrome.

–Walter Lanier, Anderson, SC

Dr. Schubiner is not only a mind body specialist, but a respected physician whose genuine caring nature is evident the moment you meet him. The priceless tools he taught me have not only helped me deal with my pain, but also help me deal with everyday life stressors. Everyone can benefit from learning more about themselves and this program will do that for you.

–Patty Walls, Highland, MI

This program made a profound difference in my thinking and my life. These principles have changed my life and have helped me more than I can express.

–Toni Bourque, Dearborn, MI

Physical therapy, cortisone injections and chiropractic treatment didn’t help the intense pain in my back and down my leg. Over a year, I spent thousands of dollars without relief. Three weeks after I started Dr. Schubiner’s program, the pain was gone. I am still amazed that it worked and I cannot be more grateful.

–Gwen Clark, New Baltimore, MI

This program taught me that my life experiences had caused my pain. The exercises brought about incredible insights and the words flowed out of my head and onto the paper. As a result, I had the courage to revisit my childhood home where the abuse took place, and I was able to cry at the memory, release my fears and anger, and emerge victorious! A huge weight had been lifted and consequently my back pain was gone.

–Denise Marsh, Royal Oak, MI


Dr. Schubiner’s work opened the doors of pain relief for me.

–Esther McCormick, Redford, MI

As a health care provider, I was skeptical when I heard about the Mind Body Syndrome. Thanks to Dr. Schubiner, I now understand the connection between my emotional state and my physical pain. His program gave me techniques that I have used to control my symptoms and reclaim my life. Thank you so much, Dr. Schubiner.

–Diane Olsem, RN, Brighton Township, MI